Very Innocent and humble girl.
Age: 24 Years Old.
The man she said she would marry had no tangible job but acting of drama up and down.
The families were so skeptical and would have rejected this plan, but these young boy and girl said hey wanted to marry.
This girl was entering into a future which only God knew.

Me: 28 Years Old.
Full time drama minister and no other job.
It was Families who rose up to support this wedding o.
Because, me, I had nothing. No money, no nothing.
It was my Big Sister who rented our first house for us, so that we would not come and be living in her house.
And it was my wife’s Uncle who gave a little money to do some little things.
It was my Best Man who bought my Suit, Shirt and tie.
It was my Wife’s Aunty who sent us the Shoes I wore from America.
It was one of our ministry members who gave us the money we deposited for the Wedding gown, because we had gone to three places where we wanted to rent a Wedding Gown for N500.
It was the money we saved we used to deposit for our furniture for the living room.
Forget about bed.
A mattress was good for us for the first five or six months.
It was all the money gift we were dashed on Wedding Day we used to balance some debts and outstanding of the WEdding.
So, the following Week on Saturday, when we were going to meet the rest Mount Zion brethren in Ilesa for drama ministration, GLORIA and I stood beside the road waiting for miracle of a car lift to Ilesa, because there was no money on us again: A WEEK AFTER WEDDING!

If you see what this Innocent Girl has passed through in the hand of a man who had no tangible job in hand, but to be acting drama up and down…
Fast forward to many years later.
31 years later…
This Girl has still remained faithful and still following the Young Man Up and Down.
Still remains Submissive and Understanding.
And Now, today, this Young Innocent Girl is still following the Young Man Up and Down around the World.
And even till yesterday…still following him UpanDan somewhere around the world, ahead of today’s National Transformational Ministers Revival Meeting this Evening.
God bless This Young Innocent Girl,
For still Following this Man around Up and Down!

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