BE YOURSELF! ~ Olumide Fatunsin

I remembered some years ago precisely in 2005 when I was a lecturer in one of the higher institutions. I had a manageable Nokia phone serving the purpose of making and receiving calls.

This phone was satisfied being with me and we were getting along until some of my students began to send missiles of words in order to separate us.

What did they say?

“Mr Fatunsin, buy another phone. Some of us are using better phones. You are a lecturer blablabla…”

I was inundated daily until I was paid my long awaited meagre allowance then. Without thinking twice, I travelled to Ibadan to buy a better phone remaining only small change out of my allowance.

Immediately I came out of the shop, I became restless and began to ask myself why I bought that expensive phone then.

“Wow, our lecturer has bought a new phone!” was on the lips of some of my students. I basked in euphoria for a while but my foolishness kept reminding me of what I should have done instead.

I had to put on hold some important projects just because I was trying to impress my student that “this lecturer no dey carry last”

They left talking about the phone but I didn’t forget my foolishness in trying to impress them.

Some people trying to impress others have landed in trouble and regretting their impatience and actions.

Dear single brothers and sisters, don’t allow “When are you going to get married?” push you into a mini hell. Don’t try to impress anyone. Be patient!

Sir/Ma, your persistent question about when the newly wedded couple will have a baby is causing an earthquake of fear in them. Leave them alone.

Dear couple, don’t try to impress anyone by cutting corners. Enjoy your marriage and God will bless you beyond your imagination.

“Ha! Your mates are riding better cars, living in beautiful mansions, prospering in their ministries, travelling to many countries, using latest phones etc”

Beloved, be yourself and don’t panic. Let them be flying to saturn, jupiter or other planets or earning millions, you are different and unique. God has a better plan for you.

Remain focused, be diligent, seek useful information, trust in God and let contentment be your companion.

Soon and very soon, you will reach the peak and God’s name will be glorified in your life.

Contentment with godliness is truly a great gain.



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