1. Our world is changing and in light of the various changes that go on in our environment, we must bear in mind that some things will never change.

2. The principles of God will never change. God made man, decided that it was not good for him to be alone and that His purpose cannot be fulfilled without the woman; so He made her and the first family was born.

3. We are designed to accomplish God’s purposes in cooperation with others (Gen. 2:18). This happens through the family, community, church, organisations, and nations. Working together multiplies our capacity to produce results in geometric progression.

4. There is power in a family that works together. Satan wages war on families to make them dysfunctional. We declare our victory in Jesus’ name. Amen!

5. Satan wages war against the family because he understands the power of synergy and agreement. Satan does not want God’s purposes to be accomplished. However we have victory over Satan and his devices.

6. Build your marital experiences on things that don’t change (Rock). Matt 7:24, 1John. 5:14, Rom. 8:28-29, James 4:3.

7. Emphasis in the description of marriage these days is on our selfish interests, but God’s interests should come first (James 4:3, Matt. 6:33). LET’S EXAMINE WAYS TO MAXIMIZE THE POWER OF SYNERGY.
7a. Pray Together – Matt. 18:18-20 (NIV). Draw of God’s resources to find alignment in His purpose for your Marriage and to gain His perspective (Jer. 33:3). To maintain God’s perspective of one another & circumstances, you must keep praying together. Rom 11:29.

7b. Dream and Vision Together – Jer. 33:3. When you pray, God gives you vision together. As a Christian, you have to live strategically.

7c. Decide Together – Combine knowledge and intuition, skills, experience and your strengths and don’t let your differences create hindrances.

7d. Parent Together – Be selfless in sexual intimacy. Raise your children together combining your strengths. Raise them for God to use. 1st Cor. 17. Establish family values and raise the children together.

7e. Prosper Together – Develop capacity to create and add value. Save, invest and spend together. Adjust to each other as your status changes. Make money together. Give yourself Honour.

7f. Persevere Together – Jn. 6:33; Eccl. 4:9-10; Face challenges together. Don’t let Satan leverage challenges to pull you apart, let it draw you closer.

8. I prophesy in the name of Jesus Christ that the heavens are open over you, and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God comes upon your family. The power of the Blessing rests on you and your family. You will fulfill your marital destiny by the supernatural help of God.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

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