KATHRYN KUHLMAN by Roberts Liardon

Kathryn Kuhlman was born May 9, 1907 in Concordia, Missouri. Her mother thought she was passed the age of having kids and was surprised when she found out that she was pregnant with a baby that would be Kathryn, Emma (Kathryns mother) was a very stern and disciplinary woman, Joseph however was a passive but very loving father and developed a strong relationship with Kathryn, he was a businessman that would take his daughter on his trips which many of the merchants nicknamed Kathryn “Little Joe”. The most notable part of her ministry was her relationship with her Heavenly Father which she attributed it in one of her sermons to her relationship with her natural father, she would state: “Maybe this relationship is so real to me because of my relationship with Papa. If you know me well, you know that if all human beings I have known, my relationship with Papa was the greatest. Oh! I would hang on him. I would love him. Mama would say to me, Stop hanging on Papa!…. “
Her relationship with her Father modeled to her what a relationship with her Heavenly Father would look like. I wonder if Joe Kuhlman would have ever imagined that his love and care of his daughter would sow the biggest seed to her affection to the Holy Spirit?

Pictures: From left to right: Kooley, Joseph, Emma, Kathryn and Myrtle. (grandmother on the next photo)

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