Apostle Johnson Suleiman identifies a former prayer partner, who sometimes in the past, gave him transport fare.

Celebration TV on their Facebook page, gave an account of how Apostle Johnson Suleiman identified a former prayer partner during the Lion of Judah service, who used to sometimes in the past, give him(Apostle Suleiman) transport fare.

”And Pastor Peter (Piro Piro; as The Apostle called him), was in service today at the HQ of Omega Fire Ministries. The Restoration Apostle identified him as a then prayer partner who sometimes gave him (The Apostle) transport fare to church. He also acknowledged that they ate insufficiently together while they grew up from childhood.
‘Piro Piro’, the apostle asked what mobilised him to church and he responded that he observed public transportation. In response, The Apostle has said that even if he (The Apostle) was to be having only two (2) cars, he would share with ‘Piro Piro’. Thereby, he will be handling a car over to ‘Piro Piro’ at the end of the service; to start with, while he admonished members of his congregation to always maintain the same attitude with old time friends not minding the difference in societal status”

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