satan controls the world by introducing darkness into every sphere of human life, ranging from education, politics, entertainment, the public and private sectors, and even in our churches etc.

People of the world with the help of satan are gradually degrading themselves to a state of lawlessness as darkness is being endorsed as a norm and standard for daily living. Take a look at the entertainment industry, visual images of nudity impairs your vision, as satanic cultures are being promoted, even by many christians, or do we also take a look at our various offices (public and private sectors) which are currently being engulfed by corruption, with many christians as the major players, or our churches which ooze with smell of evil reports on daily basis. The list goes on, as the devil has his imprint on every sector of the world, but Jesus Christ spoke in the book of John 8:12, saying

“I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life”

Jesus Christ describes Himself as the light of the world while giving condition for us to radiate His light by following Him or inorder words, having a relationship and fellowship with Him.

The world is filled with darkness because many of us who are believers are not lighting up our environment with the light of Jesus Christ. This is because many have handed over thier lights to be quenched by the devil, while some others are ignorant of the fact that Jesus Christ has commisioned all belivers to light up their environments.

Moreover, it is the responsibilty of every believer to be a light to his or her immediate environment, but how do we become a light to our environment?

1. WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN (John 3:3):

Being born again has nothing to do with religious piety, but willingly accepting and reflecting the nature of Jesus Christ. The acceptance of the nature of Christ, is an invitation of the illuminating power of Jesus Christ, through His blood, which washes away our sins, and renews our spirit and mind, thereby giving us a new identity. The light of Christ in us, reflects in our lifestyle which helps us to influence our environment for Jesus Christ .

2. WE MUST STUDY THE WORD OF GOD (2 Timothy 3:16):

The word of God gives us a better insight about the nature of God, hence exposing areas of our lives that are not in conformity to God’s standard. God’s words corrects us whenever we make mistakes and instructs us on the proper way to live our lives as believers, while equiping us thouroughly for every good work.

The level of the word of God in an individual is directly proportional to the way he or she lives his/her life daily. The word of God is acquired through consistent reading of the Holy Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit for intepretation. However, when you do not study the word of God, you deprive yourselve of the knowledge of God, and when you are deprived of the knowledge of God, ignorance reigns as king in your life.

The capacity to light up our environment with the light of Jesus Christ is dependent on our knowledge and application of the Holy Bible.

3. DO NOT BE PARTAKERS OF DARKNESS (Ephesians 5:7-14):

Having received the nature of Jesus Christ, we must not go back to “Egypt” by partaking in the former things that ascribed to us the qualities of darkness. Therefore having the nature of Christ literally means doing away with everything that is ungodly with respect to our friends and how we do things generally. As Christians we must walk consistently as children of light by showing forth all the goodness and righteousness of God. The Holy Bible must be our standard and everyone around us must see Christ in us.

However, whenever you are asked to do anything contrary to the word of God, you must vehemently refuse by not partaking in the meal of the unrighteous.


Love is the nature of Christ, and as Christians, love must never depart from our lifestyle. We must show love to everyone around us, irrespective of tribe, religion or nationality, for the Holy Bible tells us to love our neigbours as ourselves. When we radiate love in our daily living, we attract people around us to study the nature of Christ embedded in us, and by so doing we lead them to Jesus.

Love is a light that dispels evil because Christ is love and love is Christ, and Christ is the light of the world.


As believers we must learn to fellowship with our bethren, because whenever we gather together God resides in our mist and He brings down His light to illuminate that environment with the light of Christ. This is the sole reason why the devil hates the gathering of believers, because they illuminate that environment thereby dispeling whatever darkness he must have planted.

The world has more than enough Christians to light up this dark world with the light of Jesus Christ, but we must start by exercising our capacity as children of light in influencing our environment by living according to the Holy Bible and radiating His glory in everything we do.

God bless you all.



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