1. Have a clear picture of your desired or desirable marital future (Hab. 2:1-2)
What you see affects what you experience
Assumption only brings frustration
Don’t marry because you are of age to marry; marry on purpose

2. Reject every negative mindset (Num. 18:23; 14:28)
Mindset affects outcome
Reject every negative mindset you have about marriage because your thought affects your life
For every negative picture you have, there are more than a thousand positive pictures
Make your choice and your choice makes you
Use scripture to reset your mind

3. Know who you want to marry (Gen. 29:23-27)
Many people married strangers; if they knew them they wouldn’t have come near them
i. Give it time
ii. Ask God to show you who that person is

4. Seek God’s will and direction (Prov. 19:14; 3:5-6)
A wife that will not give you stress is from the Lord
As a person, God knows your personality and attitudinalities, your emotional complexities, proclivities and tendencies, your vision and passions, so He packages a person that can accommodate you and complement you.

5. Lay a strong spiritual foundation (Ps. 11:3; Matt. 7:24-25; Heb. 13:4)
Every solid construction requires a solid foundation
The integrity of the foundation determines the destiny of the construction
Foundation determines destination
The foundation is the foundation of prayer and purity (Heb. 13:4)
Premarital purity is put in place to safeguard the future and ensure the foundation is not weakened by sin

6. Never feel obligated to continue in relationship if conviction is lost (Ps. 85:8)
Never put sentiments ahead of principles; never put sentiments ahead of substance
With your eyes open, don’t enter the grave
It is never too late to make a U-turn when you realise you have missed the way

7. Never entertain the possibility of divorce (Prov. 23:7a)
What you see determines what you seize
Don’t ever agree to marry who you don’t want to live with for life
Don’t ever marry with a PLAN B in mind
Don’t give the devil thoughts and words to finish your life.

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