The earth is the farmland of God, and every farmer who sows, waits patiently for the day of harvest when he separates the good fruits unto himself and discards the bad ones together with the weeds into the fire. God has sown us as seeds, not only to thrive but also to produce good fruits, and like the farmer who waits patiently for the day of harvest, God awaits for the appointed time, when He would send the reapers to harvest the wheat (Saints) into His barn (Heaven), and the weeds (sinners) into the fire. It is therefore important for you and I to produce good fruits in order to achieve the purpose and agenda of the Farmer (God), which is to harvest us into His barn (Heaven), because His thought towards us, is of good and not evil, to bring us to an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11)

However, man who is a seed sown by God, has a great responsibility in ensuring that his life is spent producing good fruits in preparation for the great harvest. In order to achieve this purpose, he must take several practical steps in ensuring that his fruits are in conformity with standards of the barn (Heaven), and these include the following:


Every seed needs a soil to grow on, and the type of soil determines if the seed would survive or die. The heart of a man is a soil were seeds are sown, and the condition of the heart determines what type of fruits are produced. In the book of Mathew 13, Jesus Christ reveals the importance of the heart in relation to the word of God, and He does this by telling a parable of a sower and the seed. The word of God is a seed which when sown, germinates and bears good fruits which is in conformity with the standards of the barn (Heaven), and can only thrive on good grounds (Mathew 13:8). A good ground in this context, is a heart that hears the word of God, accepts it and retains it. The heart with a high retention capacity of the word of God, which daily seeks to know God deeper, and whose depth is measured by the word of God.

However, for us to bear good fruits, our hearts must meet the criteria of being considered as a good ground, and this we can do by receiving Jesus Christ (The Word) into our hearts, meditating on His words all the time, and retaining His words in our hearts. The deeper our knowledge of Christ, the more fertile and fruitful we become.


The heart of a man is a soil where seeds are sown. The fruits which are made manifest in the life of a man, is an indication of the seeds that he has sown into his heart. A farmer who sows mango seeds in his farm, cannot become the owner of orange trees, likewise a man who sows hate in his heart, cannot manifest the fruits of love. The seeds we sow into our hearts, germinate to bear fruits which classify us as either worthy for the Barn (Heaven) or candidates for the fire.

The seed of the spirit which is a good seed, is given by the Holy Spirit to a heart that have accepted Christ (The Word) and has a high retention capacity of the word of God. This seed when sown into the heart, germinates and grows to produce the fruit of the spirit as indicated in the book of Galatians 5:22-23. The seed of the spirit is a composition of love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, and when this seed is sown into the heart, it produces the fruit of the spirit which possesses exactly the same features of what was sown as a seed. This fruit  distinguishes a tree and makes it different from other trees, and any tree that does not possess this fruit would be hewn down and thrown into the fire(Mathew 3:10).


Light and water are two essential inputs that are required to support life in the seed that has been sown into the soil, that it may germinate, grow and bring forth good fruits. The absence of light and water leads to the death of the seed sown into the soil, likewise the good seed sown into the heart.

In the Book of John 8:12, Jesus Christ described Himself as a light, and also in the Book of John 7:38, he also described Himself as the source of the rivers of living water to those who believe in Him as the scripture has said. The good seed which is the seed of the spirit, and the fruit (The fruit of the spirit) which it produces thereof, requires light and water to be sustained, otherwise it would wither and die. Our Lord  and personal Savior, Jesus Christ who doubles as both our light and rivers of living water is essential for the growth and sustenance of the good seed given to us by the Holy spirit as believers and the fruit it produces thereof, because without Jesus Christ in our hearts, there would be no light and water in our heart (soil) to sustain both the seed and the fruit produced, and as a result they would both wither and die, leaving us with no good fruit and making us a candidate of the fire.


The heart is a soil were seeds are sown, and in it lies a little garden where our fruits (good or bad) are displayed, and through these fruits our lives are shaped with respect to our behavioral pattern and the way we relate to people. This garden is very important, because out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23), and this means that whatever we do in life is first of all sown as seeds in the heart. The garden of the heart is a major target of the devil and his agents, because he who controls the garden, controls the life. The Holy Bible in the Book of Mathew 13:25 says ” But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way”. The devil and his agents sow tares into the garden of the heart during periods of low resistance or no resistance at all. The purpose of these tares is to strangulate our good seed by stopping it from germinating into good fruits, or to choke up the good fruits that has been produced in our hearts, thereby leaving us with no fruit at all, and a garden filled with weeds.

However, the garden of our hearts must be protected at all times because he who controls the garden, rules the life. The Bible in the book of Proverbs 4:23, admonishes us to guard our hearts with all diligence because every issue of life flows from it. For us to guard our hearts with all diligence, Jesus Christ must take His rightful position as the King of our hearts, because he who controls the garden, rules the life. A heart being ruled by Christ is no match for for any attack of the devil, because Jesus Christ is our strength and shield. However, for Jesus Christ to rule in our hearts, we must first invite Him into our hearts to be our Lord and personal Savior, by confessing with our mouths and living like He did. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, have given us power and dominion over principalities and powers, and this authority we can only exercise through Christ in prayers, daily confession of God’s word, pursuing holiness etc which are weapons in defeating the enemy that attempts to invade the garden of our hearts with the purpose of sowing tares.

The earth is the farmland of God, and every good fruit would be harvested into the Barn (Heaven) during the great harvest, and hence it is therefore imperative that we as a matter of urgency examine the fruits we have been producing in a bit to make sure that they conform to the standards of the Barn (Heaven).

God bless you.


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