The story of the rise to fame of Mike Bamiloye and the Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, is an affirmation of the book of Zechariah 4:10 which admonishes us not to despise little beginnings.

The founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, Mike Bamiloye, took to his Facebook page, where he shared the story of how the ministry started its movie production in 1984, but recorded no success. He also took out time to celebrate the man in the person of Evangelist Kayode Oyebode, who was instrumental to the successes recorded by the ministry in movie production.

Mike Bamiloye writes:

A lot of People know Mount Zion as Christian movie making ministry. A lot of people know AGBARA NLA, THE ULTIMATE POWER, IDE ESU, IBERE OPIN AYE, PERILOUS TIME, GREAT MISTAKE, BLOOD COVENANT, those great movies of the 1990s which brought salvation and revivals to multitude of lives across the world. 
People know Mount Zion Film Productions, but a lot of People did not know that Bro. Kayode Oyebode (Oju Oluwa) was the Man the Lord used to bring Mount Zion into film Productions. 

Our first attempt of film production was a flop in 1984. Several days of fasting and prayers and determination to gather together to make a movie brought forth a colossal failure and waste after about six weeks of shooting SECRETS OF THE DEVIL in 1984. 
A large number of drama ministers from campuses, churches and ministries gathered at Orita-Mefa Baptist church for more than fives weekends for rehearsals and preparations to shoot the first major christian movie in 1987. “AGBARA TO JU AGBARA LO” was a great flop when the cameraman ran away with the entire tapes of the raw shoots of the work. 

So, we entered into discouragement mode and the Lord told us to shelve the idea of movie production and go and minister on stage ministrations from churches to churches. 

Therefore, we forgot about film productions and began massive stage ministrations in cities like Kano, Kaduna, Warri, Jos, Ilorin, Lagos, Zaria, etc. 
Then, in 1990, we had a drama ministration of “THE UNPROFITABLE SERVANT” in Ikole Ekiti. And the Church that invited us to stage the drama also invited a Camera man from Ibadan to come and record and document the popular drama. That Cameraman who came to record the drama that night was KAYODE OYEBODE, of KAY TECHNICAL & AUDIO VISUAL COMPANY. 

After the very powerful drama production that night, he approached us if we consider recording this drama like a television drama, we told him we would think about it. We collected his contact and we parted. We never believed him, because we have been disappointed by party cameramen who failed us and messed up all our efforts.
Then, another person who invited us for the same drama begged us to help him record the drama so that he could sponsor it on television for Easter. So we contacted Kay Technical again, about recording the drama for the man. Mr. Kayode Oyebode adviced us to record it like a television drama instead, according to his earlier suggestion. 
We didnt actually know how to make movies. the earlier attempts were full of technical blunders. But Mr. Kayode Oyebode has been into movie productions far ahead of us, shooting secular movies. So we trusted him, and began planning. 

He helped us to shoot the movie. He practically directed the movie and he took me to NTA Ibadan, to edit the movie there. Wherever he was going concerning the production, I was following him. I was learning. 

In the Easter festive period of 1990, THE UNPROFITABLE SERVANT was broadcast on NTA 10, Lagos, and we were in Lagos sitting on the floor of the living room of a host of ours as we watched the Movie on television! 
Then it occured to us! 
We have made a Movie! 
We have made the first Mount Zion Movie!
What we had suffered to do, and the Lord told us to leave it and go on stage, had finally been done without stress. 
With that encouragement, I wrote another script: BEGINNING OF THE END and we went on location again, in October 1990. He directed that one also with me. And he supervised the editing of the movie as we sat together many days and nights with the editor. The movie came out very powerfully, and many churches used it for Retreat. 
In 1991, he shot ‘LOST FOREVER”, “THE LAST GENERATION” and “IBERE OPIN AYE” the Yoruba version of THE BEGINNING OF THE END” 

Then, Mr. Kayode Oyebode, Kay Technical took another bold step for us: He convinced us to go into the cinema and we agreed. 

Thus, “IBERE OPIN AYE” came into the major Cinema in Ibadan at the Easter festive Season of 1992, showing at D’Rovan Hotel, and KS Motel Cinema, Oritamefa, ibadan. It was a blockbuster gospel horror movie and caught the attention of multitude of people. The children of the then Oyo State Governor were brought with escorts to watch the Movie at the cinema. “IBERE OPIN AYE” probably became the first Nigerian gospel movie to enter into the Cinema at the time. 

Then, in 1992, he helped us shoot the very famous movie at the time, THE PERILOUS TIMES” (Chikaya! Daughter of Darkness)
Then, in 1993, Kayode Oyebode, launched into the first celebrated TV serial with Mount Zion. He was the one the Lord used to shoot the TV movie: “AGBARA NLA. And the following year, 1994, the Lord used him again and he shot: “THE ULTIMATE POWER” 
When we came in contact with him in 1990, he was a stack unbeliever. So we were working with him by faith and with patience. His lifestyle was completely opposite ours. But we had to work with him with the love of Christ. On film location he was compelled to undergo all the prayers and sometimes the fasting with us. And gradually, along the way, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and became completely convered.

He came to Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama in 1994 and shot all Mount Zion moviez till 1999.
Evang. Kayode Oyebode, a great man of God. Humble and Quiet


Evang Kayode Oyebode

His ministry also made many gospel movies like IPINNU, ASIRI IRETI, etc. For many years, he was on Radio and Television holding the program: OJU OLUWA. 
Today Evang. KAYODE OYEBODE is the General Pastor and Founder of Green Pasture Holiness Bible Church, Ogungbade, Ibadan. 
He still has his Drama Team and he still makes movies. 
His Film Production Ministry: Kay Technical Film Productions is Clocking 25years and he himself is Celebrating his 60th Birthday. 
May God bless Evang. KAYODE OYEBODE.


You May want to greet and Pray for him (08034287298)


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