PASTOR TUNDE: Good morning to you, Pastor John,

PASTOR JOHN:  Good morning my brother in the Lord,

PASTOR TUNDE: How are you sir, and the ministry?

PASTOR JOHN: Hmn! by the grace of God I will be fine, but the ministry is not fine at all,

PASTOR TUNDE: Is that why you have been wearing a gloomy face?

PASTOR JOHN: How can I be happy when my ministry is down?

PASTOR TUNDE: Well you are right,

PASTOR JOHN: Pastor Tunde, please tell me the secret to your success in ministry,

PASTOR TUNDE: It’s God my brother,

PASTOR JOHN: I have tried everything, I have fasted and prayed, but it’s not working,

PASTOR TUNDE: Pray more, God will help you out. HA HA HA!!!

PASTOR JOHN: Are you mocking me?

PASTOR TUNDE: No am not, am just asking you to be more fervent in your prayers to God,

PASTOR JOHN: Look at you Pastor Tunde, in just 2years in ministry, you have done great exploits for God, and your ministry have grown significantly, but here I am on a pendulum swinging between 40-50 members after 4years.

PASTOR TUNDE: Pastor John, to everything there is a key to unlocking its potential,

PASTOR JOHN: A key? what key?

PASTOR TUNDE: Do you want your ministry to grow or not?

PASTOR JOHN: Yes, I want my ministry to grow,

PASTOR TUNDE: I will take you somewhere tonight,

PASTOR JOHN: Somewhere? what do you mean by that?

PASTOR TUNDE: I want to show you the key that unlocks potential in ministry.

…..Pastor Tunde successfully lures Pastor John to a ritualist that night…..

PASTOR JOHN: Tunde, where are we going, this is a jungle,

PASTOR TUNDE: Dont worry, just keep calm, we will get there soon,

PASTOR JOHN: I hope this is not what am thinking,

….Pastor Tunde and Pastor John arrives at baba Ode’s shrine situated inside a thick jungle….

BABA ODE: My son’s you are welcome,

PASTOR TUNDE: My papa it’s good to see you again,

BABA ODE: Its good you came my son. Who is this with you?

PASTOR TUNDE: It’s my colleague in ministry, he wants his ministry to blossom like mine, that’s why I brought him.

PASTOR JOHN: Tunde, where have you brought me? This is a shrine, are you not a pastor?

PASTOR TUNDE: Shut up! are you ready for your ministry to grow or not?

PASTOR JOHN: I am ready for my ministry to grow, but am not ready for this. I am a Christian and a pastor.

PASTOR TUNDE: Who did Christianity help? It all balls down to money and fame,

BABA ODE: What is the problem Tunde, is he not ready? or did you not brief him?

PASTOR TUNDE: He is ready baba,

BABA ODE: What is your name young man?

PASTOR JOHN: My name is Pastor John sir,

BABA ODE: You look surprised, don’t you know that many of these so called popular pastors are products of my shrine?

PASTOR JOHN: I don’t know sir,

BABA ODE: You are in the right place. Are you ready for the sacrifice?

PASTOR JOHN: By the grace of God,

BABA ODE: Stop that! Don’t mention that name here, it’s a taboo,

PASTOR TUNDE: Am sorry sir,

BABA ODE: You will provide a pregnant woman who will be buried below your pulpit, and as her body decomposes, your ministry will blossom.

PASTOR JOHN: Sir, am not a killer, am a pastor and I am suppose to be saving souls,

BABA ODE: You have seen me, and have come to the point of no return. You will provide the requirements for the sacrifice, or you will run mad and die within 7 days.

PASTOR TUNDE: Baba don’t worry, he will bring it,

PASTOR JOHN: So Pastor Tunde, you have a dead pregnant woman buried below your pulpit?

PASTOR TUNDE: There is a sacrifice to pay if you want to be successful.


The ritual was completed successfully and a pregnant woman was buried below the pulpit of Pastor John. In less than a year, Pastor John experienced an unprecedented growth in his ministry with thousands of members who looked up to him as their spiritual leader.

However, in his church, the congregation prayed like this:

CONGREGATION: The god of my father, Pastor John, deliver us and answer our prayers.

It was a common phenomenon in the church of Pastor John, because they so much believed that he was a true man of God.

Moreover, on one occasion, sister felicia who is an active member of the church was hit by a car and she died on the spot, and below lies her conversation with the Angel standing at the gate of Heaven;

ANGEL: Felicia, give account of your life while on earth,

FELICIA: I was a good Christian, a prayer warrior, I paid my tithe and helped the needy etc..

ANGEL: But your name is not found in the Book of Life,

FELICIA: Sir, there must be a mistake somewhere,

ANGEL: In this place there are no mistakes,

FELICIA: Sir, but……

ANGEL: You where an Idol worshipper while on earth, and a product of baba ode’s shrine,

FELICIA: Whaaaat!…. No sir, I am a Christian, am not an Idol worshipper,

ANGEL: You always prayed in the name of the god of Pastor John, which is the god backing baba Ode’s shrine….Look at the mirror and see the dead pregnant woman below your pastor’s pulpit, and see the power behind Ode’s shrine which you have been praying to,

FELICIA: Please sir, have mercy on me, I did not know,

ANGEL: Go into the fire, for we do not accept Idol worshippers into  the kingdom of God.


This is the irony many Christians have found themselves in today, as they idolize the so called successful men and women of God without proper checks on their standing with God. The Bible admonishes us in the book of 1John 4:1 to test the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone into the world. With the current trend of praying among Christians, by calling the name of the God of their  various pastors which incidentally happens to be the same God who died for their pastor and for the world, it would be dangerous to offer such prayers if sadly your papa or G.O or whatever name you call him incidentally is a false prophet. Sister Felicia so much believed that Pastor John was a true man of God, and instead of praying through the name of Jesus Christ as the Bible prescribes, she decided like the other members in the congregation to add another intermediary to Jesus Christ, believing that with double intermediaries her prayer would be answered faster.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, and in the Book of Mathew 27:51, the veil of the temple was thorn thereby giving us unhindered access to God through Jesus Christ. It is not totally out of place to call the name of the God of your Pastor, but it is more appropriate and safer to call the name of Jesus Christ, because only His name can save and not the addition of your pastors name.

Moreover, the Holy Bible in the book of Mathew 24:11, also records that many false prophets have gone out into the world to deceive many, and to populate the kingdom of their father, the devil. Therefore, praying in the name of the god of such pastors would  mean redirecting your prayers to the god backing them, which is the devil.

However, Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved (ACTS 4:12). Wisdom is profitable to direct and let the wise digest this message and increase in wisdom.

God Bless You


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