The importance of praying in the Spirit -Poju Oyemade

The importance of praying in the Spirit.

Excerpts from ongoing series at Church.

The Holy Spirit is introduced to us by Jesus as another Comforter who will be with you forever and you will know him for he shall dwell in you.

The term Comforter literally means one called along side to help. Through the interpretation of that word, there are seven ways to see His work. One is as our advocate or intercessor.

Paul writing to the Romans said “Likewise the Spirit helpeth our infirmity….” we see him using the same term Jesus used i.e “helper.” Paul then goes further to explain what help he offers “…For we know not what to pray for as we ought…” His help extends into many things but starts with our prayer life.

How does he the Holy Spirit do this? “…but the Spirit himself taketh intercession for us with groaning that cannot be uttered” He grants utterance to pray in a heavenly language.

The word helpers means to take hold together with someone against a thing. This clearly suggests the one who is being helped by the Spirit has identified the area he needs help by first taking hold of it then the Spirit can take hold together with him against.

Against what really? Our infirmities which means our inability to produce results in that area.

How do we first take hold of a situation? We do this by holding fast our confession, a bold declaration of our our hope of salvation because God is faithful. We have no idea how it will happen but we speak if for He promised it. When we then pray in the Spirit over the same issue the Spirit of God steps in as our advocate i.e lawyer to plead our case before God the Judge citing the will of God as we speak in tongues as the grounds for His intervention.

As you require a lawyer an advocate to plead your case before a Judge because you may have the desire for deliverance from the Judge but its the lawyer that has the knowledge of the laws of the land who can then use the right words to cause a ruling to be in your favour so does the Spirit of God plead our case when we pray in tongues.

Two things are therefore needed a bold confession of your hope and praying in the Spirit.

Poju Oyemade

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