Mike Bamiloye writes: “ISSUES OF TITHES AND TITHING….”

Mike Bamiloye is a well known drama evangelist, who is also the founder of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries International. He took to his Facebook page to defend why he pays tithes, which is in response to the recent controversies surrounding tithing, as many claim that payment of tithe ended in the era of Old…… Continue reading Mike Bamiloye writes: “ISSUES OF TITHES AND TITHING….”

FAITH – Ebele Uzorpeters

There is a spirit in man, the Bible says, and the inspiration of the almighty gives them UNDERSTANDING (Job 32:8) Understanding can be broken down into two words: UNDER and STANDING. Put aside what you know about understanding for a moment, and just follow me. Under-Standing is the thing UNDER your STANDING. It is the…… Continue reading FAITH – Ebele Uzorpeters

The importance of praying in the Spirit -Poju Oyemade

The importance of praying in the Spirit. Excerpts from ongoing series at Church. The Holy Spirit is introduced to us by Jesus as another Comforter who will be with you forever and you will know him for he shall dwell in you. The term Comforter literally means one called along side to help. Through the…… Continue reading The importance of praying in the Spirit -Poju Oyemade

The Power of Gratitude –David Ibiyeomie

The Power of Gratitude – Many believers are grounded because they take God for granted. When you are not appreciated for the favour you showed to someone, you are constrained from doing any further favour towards such person; this is natural. Gratitude is what qualifies you for the next act of favour. Many people whose…… Continue reading The Power of Gratitude –David Ibiyeomie