It is not about size or place – George Chukwu

The great God Almighty is pleased with the small church in a little family sitting room, as well as the big church in a large auditorium – if they gather in his name. God is no more pleased when the church is meeting in a family sitting room than when they are meeting in a…… Continue reading It is not about size or place – George Chukwu

Digital Prayerbook: A Plea for mercy

In the book of Luke 18:1, Jesus Christ spoke a parable to His disciples, urging them to pray and not lose heart.In this season, we should pray and not faint or lose heart, we should confess our sins and pray for each other, for the prayer of the righteous avails much.PRAYER POINTS1. Give ear to…… Continue reading Digital Prayerbook: A Plea for mercy

Digital Prayerbook: PSALM 20

In this season, the potency of prayers cannot be overemphasized, hence we cannot afford not to pray. Today, we will be praying from Psalm 20, and we are rest assured that God will answer us in the day of troubles. PRAYER POINTS: 1. O God hear our cries in the day of trouble, and defend…… Continue reading Digital Prayerbook: PSALM 20